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Our little family was started on June 4, 2005... and had a wonderful addition to our family, Mathias, on June 25, 2007! Our family is very much an outdoors family! we love being outside and doing things as much as possible..anything from camping to swimming, hiking, rock climbing, biking, to just going to the park! Rick is currently working at Babies R Us in Midvale and Janee is a stay at home mother.

"crap i got caught!"

"crap i got caught!"



Well we all had a great Christmas! Of course there are people we wish we could've seen... however we'll see them soon enough! New years was fun.. we played games with the Bailey's, ate pizza and wings!..one of ricks fave things to eat.. :) Now that all of the holidays have past we have another pretty big one coming up! Ricks birthday on the13th!!! we're going to go down to Vegas the night of the 9th and be home by the 12th.. because Janee has to work at 2pm and everyone needs to get back to their daily lives.
We've started going back to Golds gym again.. after every one's been sick.. Rick started school today and missed all his classes due to the FLU.. not that fun.. however he's going to email all of his teachers to get what he missed or at least tell him where he was.
Janee and her friend Jolene started an exercise support group and have a blog http://2009gogetters.blogspot.com so if you're trying to lose weight and need a little extra encouragement or just want to just talk.. you're more then welcome to visit.. and follow along!


wow ok its official!!!

OK so its official now! I'm soo horrible and keeping this updated that its not even funny! LOL. so Jessica and Nanci have both had their babies.. nanci had rylee a little early but they're both doing fine.. Jessica had gage a month early and he was 4 lbs and 17 inches long.. both r doing great as well! yeah for both families!
rick is having a hard time adjusting to my christmas present-codi!-so looks like i may not be keeping my present for to much longer.. sucks bad...but what can ya do? we'll see.. i think if we had a yard we could put codi in for the day and then bring him in at night i think that would be a better situation..we'll see if i can get rick to agree to that one. lol... we'll see ..
i'm still trying to get ahold of my dutites as a stay at home wife...and rick has moved to the orem store with babiesrus..


First time camping

This past friday our little family went camping. the first night Dave and Hollie can up and stayed with us and the next night it was just our little family. We all had a BLAST!! it was great to get down and dirty again after 3 years of no camping (tear)... we're so glad we're able to do things out side again without worrying about the bugs and humidity! mathias loved the rocks and the stream near our camp site.. he especially loved throwing the rocks into the strea and trying to eat them (yuck!)... we got tons oc pictures. we'll post some within the next few days. Mathias really seemed to like the outdoors.. but not the cold mornings.. or diaper changes at night.. poor little man! I'm glad we were able to come home and get clean though! we were getting pretty dirty!



well today we went to the Bugala's house down in cocoa fl for an easter hunt (Mathias) and to just say hi to everyone.. we got to titusville and hung out with Nanci and Ryan for a little bit.. had to go get pants (me) and rick got pants from Ryan.. so that we weren't in our church clothes. While at Walmart i lost my wallet in the cart we had.. and i got a pair of jeans lol.. so it was an eventful outing. When we finally got to kates about an hour late.. everyone had to get going. I felt horrible that it took us so long to get there.. but it was a fun time to sit and visit with those that were still there. We then went back to Ryan and Nanci's to hangout and have dinner.. the boys went to the shop to see if they could fix the computer and us girls hung out at the house.. at around 8-9 pm we headed home.. it was fun.



well.. I feel like time is just flying by without stopping to let us take a breath! Today Mathias has been taking his hands off of my side or leg .. or even the couch a few times and has been trying to walk to Emily it was crazy.. i about died! i don't want him to grow up.. selfish i know.. but on the other had i cant wait until he can walk and talk so he can tell us what he wants and whats on his mind.. i wonder sometimes. When i watch Mathias with other children when we're out you can tell he wants a brother or sister to play with at home. its very weird when Mathias and I go to walmart he starts crying when he sees another child because he just wants to go over to them. This nanny job has helped with that. He doesn't get so upset when he sees other kids now.. he still would like to go over to them but he has that 3-5 hr period during the day mon-fri where he gets to have his Emily and Charlie. You can definitely tell when its a Monday though because as soon as we get to their house Mathias is all over Charlie! i am not sure how Charlie feels about this .. but i know Emily loves it. Rick thinks i'm nuts thinking that Mathias "wants" a brother or a sister but i swear... if you see that look in his eye that he gets when another child is around.. it almost breaks my heart.


Here is whats going on this year as we know it..
Nanci is pregnant with her and Ryan's third child most likely due in November, Shara is pregnant with her and Shawn's first child... due in June, Sammie is graduating high school this year! Chris finally picked a degree he'd like to get from college and is sticking with it! yeah chris! lol. Aaron was quoted in a newspaper from one of the debates he's been in this year.. and hes been getting better and better in debate. Hollie will be in high school next year(scary to think) and will be coming to stay with us for a while during this summer.